Variorum is under constant development. So, we recommend using our dev branch, which contains our latest features.


06/12/2023: Major release adds support for new architectures, ARM Neoverse N1 platform and Sapphire Rapids, enables heterogeneous build support for two architectures, adds power capping API for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs, adds get power limit for Intel GPUs, overhauls powmon utility, updates filenames and low-level function names to include architecture, updates logo. v0.7.0 tarball here.


09/15/2022: Major release adds support for two new architectures, Intel discrete GPUs and AMD GPUs, adds python wrappers and a pyVariorum python module, updates existing JSON APIs to use char* instead of json_t*, creates new variorum_topology.h header to expose get topology APIs, moves VARIORUM_LOG from a build variable to an environment variable, standardizes examples with -h and -v flags. v0.6.0 tarball here.


06/22/2022: Major release adds support for new architectures, AMD CPUs and Intel Ice Lake CPU, adds examples for integrating Variorum into OpenMP and MPI programs, adds dependency on rankstr library for MPI examples (optional), renames clock_speed to frequency and power_limits to power_limit throughout Variorum API, deprecates set_and_verify API. v0.5.0 tarball here.


04/02/2021: New release adds documentation for Nvidia port, adds units to the tabular and JSON output formats, and finishes renaming dump and print internal functions to print and print_verbose, respectively. v0.4.1 tarball here.


03/03/2021: Updated version includes support for ARM Juno architecture, introduction of the JSON API, and Intel support for two versions of msr-safe. v0.4.0 tarball here.


04/23/2020: Updated version includes general infrastructure updates, such as unit tests, example integrations, and small bug fixes throughout. v0.3.0 tarball here.


03/13/2020: Updated version includes support for Nvidia GPGPUs. v0.2.0 tarball here.


11/11/2019: Initial release of Variorum. v0.1.0 tarball here.